SNI-2.JPGCleantech news from Israel is heating up as Israel’s first solar farm became functional and an Israel Corp investment of $10 million into solar power company HelioFocus was announced during the week of August 24, 2008. Software optimizer, Replay Solutions received an $11 million investment and Aternity Inc announced its strategic partnership with Ness Technologies. The clothing design process is about to get revolutionized with Optitex software that “replicates fabrics so realistically that clothing designers can see what fashions will look and act like on people before garments are made.” For these full stories and more, check below for the 14 Israel-related technology headlines from the week of August 24, 2008

Israel says hi to hybrids

Israel’s first solar power station up and running in Negev

Israel ‘on verge of becoming world leader in cleantech’

M&A and Investments
Israel Corp unit invests $10m in solar power co HelioFocus

Jasmine Holdco Submits Request to Aladdin Knowledge Systems to Call Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Aladdin to Vector: Access Denied for $13 a Share

Replay Solutions Receives $11 Million Investment From Sigma Partners, Hummer Winblad and Partech International

Information Technology
Japan’s Fuji Television Network Selects Imperva for Database Monitoring and J-SOX Compliance

WorkLight: Bringing Enterprise 2.0 to a Widget Near You

Breaking News: Aternity and Ness Technologies Form Strategic Partnership

adCore™ Announces Full Yahoo! Search API Implementation

Robo-skeleton lets paralysed walk

A Boom in Israel’s Exports to India

Eyes turn to dawn of ‘visual computing’

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