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techaviv_logoSince I attended TechAviv two weeks ago, in which nearly half the startups there were early stage and pre-seed, I have been thinking a lot about the discussions on getting funded that took place there and earlier that day at Eze Vidra’s VC Cafe breakfast and in general.

It has been clear for several months now that VCs are being more conservative in choosing companies to fund and that those that do get funding, are generally receiving less than they would have in good times. Additionally, somewhere along the way in the past few years, VCs have become more concerned with the capital aspect of what they do which has led them to invest in fewer “ventures.” They are taking less risks, such as by not investing in ideas, and are looking more for “ventures” that have already proven themselves a little – in many cases, by already becoming profitable or developing the technology. Whether this is good or bad, it’s just the way it is.

Since an angel investor panel, which included Yossi Vardi, at TechCrunch50 in September 2008 discussed what the decrease in VC funding would mean for them, I have constantly heralded angel investments as an alternative to VC funding and one that would still thrive… then the stock market and economy crashed. While that was already a few months ago, The New York Times had an article earlier this month titled, Angels Flee From Tech Start-Ups, about how bad it has really been and is for them. 

So, hypothetically removing VCs and Angels from the startup funding equation, what other sources of funding are there in Israel? For more established startups, close to nothing. 

For small startups and individuals though, here is a list of nine alternative funding programs:

  1. Israel Internet Society Research Grants
  2. US-Israel Binational Industrial R&D Foundation (BIRD)
  3. US-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF)
  4. Intel-Annual Research Grants Program
  5. Technion Research and Development Foundation
  6. Israel Science Foundation
  7. Incubators (Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor Office of the Chief Scientist)
  8. Call for proposals (Israel Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport)
  9. Yozma Group


The week of of December 14, 2008 was filled with news from the Madoff scandal, including reports that the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology lost $72 million. Israel’s clean technology continued to draw interest from different states in the United States and reports were releases that U.S. investors are still seeking to invest in Israeli companies. A partnership between IBM and Samsung led to the development of a software reuse technology and WorkLight announced that it partnered with NetVibes to develop new secure widget technologies for the enterprise. For these stories and more, check below for the 13 Israel-related headlines from the week of December 14, 2008.


1. State of Georgia looks to Israel for solutions to energy and water challenges

2. MRI, Israeli firm will create renewable energy technology center

Investments and Economy

3. US investors seek out Israeli high-tech opportunities

4. Peres calls for tax breaks for growth industries

5. Government Gives Boost to Hi-Tech

Information Technology

6. IBM Israel and Samsung develop software reuse technology

7. BitBand Introduces Leading-Edge Solid-State Video Server Line Based on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Hardware

8. WorkLight® and Netvibes Pair Up To Develop New Secure Widget Technologies for the Enterprise

9. Aternity Reports 2008 Milestones, Signals Industry-Wide Embrace Of Next-Generation Application Performance Management


10. Ron Yekutiel, Chairman and CEO of Kaltura (TV Week interview)

11. Terrorism spurs interest in Israeli tech

12. American Technion Society takes $72 million hit in Madoff scheme

13. USA Hockey to form Intelligym (Applied Cognitive Engineering Ltd.)

Bonus: Angel investor and Web 2.0 icon, Jeff Pulver hosted his famous real time social-networking breakfast twice in Israel this past week. The first one he hosted was in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, December 16th, which brought together over 400 people in Israel’s hi-tech industry. The second one was the following day, when Pulver hosted his first social networking breakfast in Jerusalem. The picture below is from the Jerusalem event. Pulver is in the center wearing a  Hawaiian shirt.



During the week of December 7, 2008 there was a lot of activity in the cleantech sector. Better Place made a few announcements, including its latest deal in Japan and the Technion-Israel Insitute of Technology in Haifa announced that engineers there invented a road surface that generates electricity as cars drive over it. In the IT sector, Actimize, a risk management software company and NICE Systems company,  expanded its partnership with IBM and ActionBase, a provider of Human Process Management Solutions (HPMS), announced its partnership with BackFlip Software to provide instant connectivity to mobile customers.  For these and the rest of this week’s 16 Israel-related headlines, check out the list below.


1. Better Place Goes to Japan

2. Nine clean technology predictions for 2009

3. A group of Israeli engineers have invented a road surface that generates electricity as cars drive over it

Information Technology

4. Actimize Expands IBM Partnership; Embeds Technology to Fight Fraud and Financial Crime

5. BitTorrent and Oversi Collaborate to Deliver Optimal P2P Solution for ISPs in Today’s Financial Downturn

6. N-trig to uses ARC IP in touch screen technologies

7. IBM Research and Samsung Electronics to Boost Automation in Consumer Electronics Industry

8. SaaS and CRM: 30 Percent Penetration by 2012

9. SpeedBit Announces the All New DAP 9

10. ActionBase Utilizes BackFlip Software for Instant Connectivity to Mobile Devices


11. Micronet Awarded SIIRD Grant to Develop a New Hybrid Fix-Portable 7′ Color Mobile Data Terminal

12. Chat with your friends without Internet connection


13. Birthright guarantees funding through March

14. ‘Social’ life in Jerusalem

15. No Auto Crash for Israel’s Mobileye

16. Israel and Japan Partnering in $1.8 Million Research Programs


This past week I came across an interview with the CEO of Check Point that Robert Scoble posted on his Fast Company channel back in May 2008. The interview, which was conducted by Scoble and other tech bloggers, covers what the information security software company does, how it started and why it’s needed, among other things.


During the week of August 17, 2008, news on cleantech and IT investments continued to lag as VCs and other investors try to stay afloat in the current economic climate by conserving their funds. IBM and Microsoft were back in the news for their investments in Israel earlier this year while Israeli companies turned out to be the biggest winners from Israel in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The coolest news this past week was Intel’s new technology that will allow devices to be charged wirelessly through the air. For these headlines and more (including information security and telecommunications), check out the complete list of 19 Israel-related technology headlines from the week of August 17, 2008, below.

Socio-Economic Cabinet Approves Proposal on Promoting Renewable Energy

Information Technology
IBM’s XIV storage lacks high-end features, analyst says

Microsoft: Virtualization Party Just Getting Started

Intel Looks to Power Devices Through Air

Shunra Software Joins HP Software Marketplace Referral Program

Information Security
New Version of GlobalView Mail Reputation Available

ALDN,SFNT Jasmine Holdco Confirms Proposal to Acquire Aladdin Knowledge Systems for $13.00 Per Share in Cash

Online Encyclopedia Lists Internal Network Security Threats

Pinger Selects VoIP Co. Voxbone to Expand Mobile Voice Service

N-trig’s DuoSense(TM) Digitizer Embedded in Intel’s New UrbanMax Mobile Computer

Bebo Pioneer Jim Scheinman Joins MocoSpace Board of Directors

Dov Moran has high modu expectations

Israel telecoms sector revs grow 5.4 pct in 2007

Israel leads OECD in R&D

Eyeing global market, Technion makes its MBA English-only

Washington Watch: Israel brings home gold from China

U.S. entrepreneur makes aliyah seeking ‘next big invention’

Interview with VC power broker, Anat Segal

*About  the Weekly Headlines image: The Star of David in the image was found on Flickr and is used under the Creative Commons license. It was originally uploaded by Flickr member, zeevveez. The overall Weekly Headlines image was designed by Lisa Damast.