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During the week of June 13th, news broke that IBM is in talks to buy Israel’s Storwize. A professor has found a way to develop potato batteries that can provide cheap power and collaboration between high-tech companies in Israel and India is expected to increase. For these stories and more, see this week’s headlines below.

1. Israel a Model for Alternative Energy

2. Israeli-developed boiled potato batteries may provide cheap power

Investments and Economy
3. Israel Economy Grows 3.6% in First Quarter on Exports (Update2)

4. Israeli, Indian high-tech industries to collaborate

5. IBM negotiating purchase of Israeli startup

Information Technology
6. Anobit breaks MLC flash barrier

7. Fighting PC Delays, Hourglass by Hourglass (Soluto)

8. 9 Israel-Based Female Tech Entrepreneurs on Twitter

9. Emblaze rubbishes Else rumours

10. More gender equality at Israeli workplaces than rest of OECD, study shows

11. The best company to work for in Israel is American

12. Playing games on Microsoft’s Kinect is a blast (hands-on videos)

13. Israel high-tech billionaire gives millions to make lecturers nicer


The week of February 7, 2010, was big for investments and M&A. Social music player TuneWiki raised $7 million and among Israeli companies to be acquired were Convergin, which was picked up by Oracle, and Exanet, bought by Dell. IBM continues to grow its XIV channel and 3DV and PrimeSense continue to be big players in providing sensor technologies for consumer electronics. See below for these stories and more from the week of February 7, 2010.

1. Better Place Sees Electric Cars on Israeli Roads by End of 2011

2. Arava Power: Agreements for 15 Initial Solar Fields

Investments and M&A
3. Oracle Acquires Israeli Startup Convergin

4. Dell Acquires Storage Vendor Exanet

5. Social Music Player TuneWiki Raises $7M From Motorola Ventures, Others

Information Technology
6. Interview with Frederic Aknin, Sparkeo: Innovators in E-Learning Series

7. Point, click: a review of gesture control technologies

8. IBM Expands Channel Program Around XIV Storage Line

9. Opera and Perfecto Mobile Partner To Offer Remote Testing on Real Mobile Devices

10. Case Study: Students teach the CEOs

11. Emblaze Brings Patent Infringement Suit against Microsoft, Apple


During the week of January 3, 2010, Dot Hill bought storage company Cloverleaf for $12.5 million. China’s Sanhua invested in Israeli solar firm, HelioFocus and new vulnerabilities were discovered in Twitter and Google Calendar. For these stories and more, check below for this week’s 9 Israel-related headlines.

1. Are Energy Advances in Israel in Parallel With Those Abroad?

2. China’s Sanhua invests in Israeli solar firm

3. Dot Hill confirms storage virtualization acquisition

4. Clean tech gets big piece of venture-capital funding

Information Technology
5. 3D sensor co PrimeSense attracts Vegas attention

6. Vulnerabilities Discovered In Twitter, Google Calendar

7. Researcher: Computers in schools do not improve students’ results

8. One third of high-tech incubator companies succeeded

9. Animating the Na’vi with an Israeli swagger