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Tweet This past week Intel announced that it will be investing $2.7 billion into its plant in southern Israel and will be hiring 1,000 new employees this year. Construction began on Israel’s largest desalination plant and Ernst & Young acquired cyber security startup Hacktics Ltd. For these stories and more, see the headlines below. Cleantech […]

Tweet Israel’s cabinet is set to approve a new plan that will expand opportunities to set up solar-powered facilities to generate electricity in different locations. IPTV company PeerTV raised $2.4 million to complete the first Israeli IPO on London’s AIM in three years and microSteps, an online communications provider mainly for preschools, won the first […]

Tweet During the past week it was revealed that Israel and China are considering collaborating on renewable energy. The Stuxnet virus that crippled computers around the world and specifically Iran, likely set back the country’s nuclear program by 2 years and more companies in Israel and abroad are looking to hire Palestinians. Cleantech 1. Brightening […]

Tweet During the week of July 11, 2010, Fring, a mobile VoIP network that lets users make video calls over 3G and other things, unveiled its new app for the iPhone 4 and set off a heated debate with Skype. Motorized bicycling is taking off in Israel and Conduit is continuing to report big numbers. […]

Tweet Disruptor: In the past week SolarEdge has announced partnerships to distribute its technology across Australia and Europe and has been named a Red Herring 100 Winner. Known for its high costs and lagging efficiency, the solar energy field has been one to watch for many but one to take advantage of for very few. […]

Tweet During the week of May 16, 2010, BrightSource Energy announced that it raised $150 million to explore solar thermal. Israel’s stocks were upgraded to ‘Developed’ and Israel’s economy was ranked the 17th most competitive and number one for resilience and R&D. For these stories and more, see this week’s headlines below. Cleantech 1. BrightSource […]

Tweet (Catch Media interview from 2007) During the week of February 14, 2010, the Eilat-Eilot International Renewable Energy Conference took place and included the announcement of potential plans for joint solar energy projects between Israel, Egypt and Jordan. News broke that Google is in early talks to acquire Israel’s Catch Media to better compete with […]

Tweet During the week of September 6, 2009, IQWind was named a top 100 cleantech company and Tufin Technologies, among other security companies, found that phishing scams are increasing again with the end of summer. IBM Israel played a major role in developing SAPIR, a video and photo search technology that the company claims is […]

Tweet According to The New York Times environment blog, “BrightSource Energy has broken ground on a 29-megawatt solar steam plant at a Chevron oil field in Coalinga, Calif.” The move is a great for both companies. For Chevron, which, along with competitors BP and StatoilHydro, is an investor, “a solar power plant builder based in […]

Tweet During the week of August 2, 2009, it was announced that Shari Arison’s group Shikun u’Binui Real Estate Ltd. will install solar energy panels on the roofs of its projects under construction. VC investment is at it’s lowest in a decade and Panaya is providing software service for automating on-premise SAP upgrade. For these […]