During the week of April 26, 2009, Israel celebrated its 61st annniversary while its first solar farm powering a small community was inaugurated. ETV Motors raised $12 million in funds and N-Trig announced its latest advancement in multi touch. Sadly, also during the week of April 26th, Israel’s hi-tech industry lost one of its beloved leaders and pioneers, Nahum Sharfman in tragic plane crash in Greece.  Sharfman was the founder of the security company CommTouch and the price comparison site, For these stories and more, check out this week’s 12 Israel-related headlines below. 


1. Israel Inaugurates Unique Solar Farm

2. Solar Thermal: Which Technology Is Best?

3. ETV Motors Revs Up $12M


4. Venture capital investment in Israeli high-tech companies lowest in three years, report

5. Where did all that R&D go?

Information Technology

6. Intel bolsters cooperation with Israeli companies

7. N-Trig launching software to enable more versatile multi-touch displays

8. Start-up Axxana ties disaster recovery gear to EMC software

9. Will XP Mode Be Tough Sell For Small Businesses?


10. Israel celebrates 61st Independence Day

11. Can Israeli technology stop swine flu?

12. Plane crash kills high-tech leader