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Tweet Extreme Reality impressed the crowd at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week when it unveiled its gesture control technology for mobile devices. The technology will be on some new mobile phones debuting later this year. Content recommendation engine Outbrain raised $11 million and Israeli consumer web companies have attracted the attention of […]

Tweet During the past week, Israeli telecom Intucell announced it raised $6 million for its technology that will enable wireless carrier networks to work more efficiently amid the growing mobile data demand. Cellogic’s FlyScreen made its iPhone debut and President Shimon Peres and several high-tech CEOs unveiled a new plan for increasing the amount of […]

Tweet This past week Intel announced that it will be investing $2.7 billion into its plant in southern Israel and will be hiring 1,000 new employees this year. Construction began on Israel’s largest desalination plant and Ernst & Young acquired cyber security startup Hacktics Ltd. For these stories and more, see the headlines below. Cleantech […]

Tweet The investment arm of auto manufacturer General Motors (GM) announced that it invested in Israeli startup Powermat, the company’s first investment in an Israeli company. AT&T will be opening a mobile app development center in Tel Aviv sometime in 2011 and Jinni, a movie and TV show recommendation engine raised $5 million. For these stories […]

Tweet In 2010, Israel’s Internet sector came of age, mobile hit its stride, more capital began to flow into Israel, and several companies grew. Here is a video recap of some of the biggest headlines and stories from 2010. Happy 2011!

Tweet During the past week, mobile navigation company Waze announced it raised $25 million. Barclay’s has a bullish outlook on Israel and 3D design software company Autodesk added analytics and branding services to its software. For these and more, see this week’s headlines below. Cleantech 1. India: Israeli experts help to cultivate quality mangoes 2. […]

Tweet Qualcomm announced earlier today that it has acquired Israel’s iSkoot, a leader in “mobilizing internet services on the handsets most people use today”, for an undisclosed sum (rumored to be between $50-100 million). iSkoot’s Kalaida™ Platform utilizes cloud computing to enable device manufacturers and mobile operators to bring popular social networks and new internet […]

Tweet During the past week, Emblaze announced that it is ending its production and marketing of the First Else. First Else was intended to be the first Linux-based smartphone device offered by wireless carriers but Emblaze couldn’t find a partner that met its demands. Meanwhile, IDB invested NIS 8 million in the Jewish-Arab incubator NGT […]

Tweet Emblaze Mobile, a subsidiary of Emblaze Ltd., announced yesterday that it was ending its efforts to bring the First Else, its linux-based smartphone, to market. The announcement had been expected for quite a few months, especially when it failed to meet its Q2 goal of partnering with a wireless carrier. The phone, which debuted […]

Tweet During the week of April 25, 2010, Google acquired its first Israeli company, LabPixies, a widget publisher. Better Place started to make inroads in China and Al Gore-backed GreenRoad continued to receive attention abroad. For these stories and more, see this week’s 10 Israel-related headlines below. Cleantech 1. Better Place makes inroads in China […]