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Tweet During the week of May 31, 2009, Sunday Energy, SolarEdge and Ormat all had major announcements related to providing alternative energy in Israel, while GameGround and The Box successfully raised funds. In IT, Discretix explained the threat of bank accounts being hacked on mobile phones and Trusteer signed a contract with PSECU in England. […]

Tweet The week of February 22, 2009, was a fairly quiet one for Israel’s technology and business sectors… but there was still plenty that happened. News about Microsoft’s interests in purchasing 3DV Systems, a motion-sensing company, continued, as did layoff announcements. Tufin Technologies announced the general availability of its SecureChange Workflow software and IT Structures, […]

Tweet Last week the Internet was abuzz with Microsoft’s intentions to buy Israeli motion and depth sensor company, 3DV Systems. Microsoft’s offer of $35 million is below the $38.6 million invested in the company and seems to come out of desperation on the part of Kleiner Perkins. If the deal goes through, Microsoft will integrate […]

Tweet During the week of February 15, 2009, Greylock Israel was revealed to be the most active Israeli venture capital fund in 2008. The Internet was abuzz with both Hulu’s plan to discontinue distributing its content via Boxee and Microsoft’s intention to further its Xbox technology by buying 3DV, a motion and depth sensor company that […]

Tweet During the week of January 11, 2009, the war in Gaza escalated and news about Israeli tech companies continued. The biggest news of the week was that multi-touch technology company, N-Trig raised $24 million in its latest round of funding, the majority coming from Microsoft. Better Place announced its partnership to bring electric cars […]

Tweet The breaking news that Steve Jobs of Apple  is taking a medical leave of absence for several months makes the news from earlier this week of Microsoft investing in Israel- and Texas-based N-Trig gets even more interesting. Earlier this week, N-Trig, the sole provider of DuoSense™ technology which combines pen, touch and multi-touch into […]

Tweet **The following relates to the enterprise but is not directly related to technology companies or people in Israel.** Every so often I like to share my thoughts on Facebook’s future and where I think it is going in regards to the enterprise and in general. My biggest prediction in the past has been that […]

Tweet During the week of November 9, 2008, the Israel cleantech tour in the US began and CA announced its plans to buy Eurekify. On the funding side, Convergin secured $10 million from Pitango Venture Capital and Odysii introduced its marketing intelligence software to U.S. banks. Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister […]

Tweet The week of September 14, 2008 was pretty bleak for the United States and foreign markets worldwide, including Israel. Despite the fluctuations in the world markets and the economy the past few months, there were several positive stories on technology companies and investments coming out of Israel the past week. Word came that Lehman […]

Tweet The week of September 7, 2008 was on the quiet side regarding major breakthroughs or mergers and acquisitions related to Israeli companies. That had little effect on the buzz about Israeli companies though. Techcrunch50 took place last week in which 6 (SIX!) Israeli companies were finalists (out of 52) and a 7th was selected […]