“Israeli nano-technology firm Explay and Luminetx announced that they have signed a collaboration agreement for Explay to develop and commercialize an ultra small mobile projector that will be a key component in the future development of the Luminetx’s VeinViewer.” (Globes)

Company Background
Since it was founded in 2001, Explay’s mission has been to develop the smallest projectors with the highest quality that can be used by itself or integrated into other technologies. During the SID 2007 conference this past May, Explay established itself as a leader in the nano-technology field when it introduced the oio, as the first truly mobile and fully operational nano projector.

Analysis: Market and Future
The deal to provide a biomedical company such as Luminetx with nano-technology is within Explay’s target market, but is not the center of it. This collaboration primarily exhibits the far-reaching possibilities for Explay to integrate its technology in a vertical market.

The real opportunity for Explay’s nano-technology will be to influence the consumer mobile device market and revolutionize the mobile lifestyle, which has driven the direction of the company’s research and development in recent years. While it will penetrate the portable media player market (i.e., digital camera, gaming devices and music players), it seems likely that the company will first focus most of its efforts on reaching the mobile handset market, which, when 3G enabled, allows consumers to display video, TV and Web and is a growing field with an estimated 528 million devices in use by 2010.

According to Insight Media estimates, by 2010 18M-55M Integrated Projectors will be sold and 7M-8M Companion Pocket Projectors. While the current and future market place shows demand, there are still several obstacles in nano-projection technology that can slow down the integration and production processes for Explay. The company also faces plenty of competition from Microvision, Texas Instruments and Light Blue Optics. Despite these challenges, Explay’s agreement with Luminetx signifies the wide-spread potential of this technology and marks the beginning of the different markets Explay’s products and collaboration will impact in the next few years.

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