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Two big deals were announced during the week of February 8, 2009. Solar energy company BrightSource inked the largest solar energy deal ever that will help power Southern California, while Web 2.0 news and blog recommendation engine, Outbrain raised an impressive $12 million. Google Israel announced that it will be restructuring and Dell introduced the Latitude XT2 Multitouch Tablet, its latest laptop to use N-Trig’s multitouch technology. For these stories and more, check out this week’s 16 Israel-related headlines below.

1. BrightSource Inks 1.3GW SoCal Edison Deal

2. Lamar Testing Solar-Powered Digital Billboards

3. Crisis Bodes Well For Electric Cars

4. Israeli Solar Company AORA Raises $5 Million

5. Israel’s Pontis gets $19.65 mln in equity financing

6. Outbrain, the news story recommendation service, gets $12M

Information Technology
7. Dell Intros Latitude XT2 Multitouch Tablet

8. Google Israel restructures

9. Startup Neocleus building bare-metal desktop hypervisor 

10. Industry’s Only Clientless Endpoint Security Management Solution

11. Acronova’s Entry Level DVD-R Duplication System Now Shipped with TrusCont Copy Protection System

12. Modu unveil modular cellphone jackets, promise big MWC launch news

13. Apps the new battlefield for mobile industry (Nexperience)  

14. Having Text? Cell Phone Users Are Cheating on Their Partners

15. How Social Media War Was Waged in Gaza-Israel Conflict

16. ‘Waltz with Bashir’ named WGA’s ‘best documentary’

Globes reported yesterday that Google Israel, which has been behind Google Trends and YouTube Annotations among other features, will be restructuring its presence in Israel and creating a Google – Israel R&D Center.

According to the article, the new center will combine Google’s R&D operations in Tel Aviv and Haifa but will still allow them to function as two separate offices, though the longterm fate of the Haifa is questionable. It will also add data analysis and search to its responsibilities.

The article drew my attention because it indirectly raises the questions:

  • How long will the Google -Israel R&D Center continue to function in two separate locations? (It sort of addresses it – “At this stage we are keeping the existing situation.”)
  • Will it be hiring or firing based on this? (Google Israel currently only has openings in Tel Aviv)
  • Given Microsoft Israel’s and EMC’s recent outsourcing and recruiting programs in Israel, will Google follow with its own program and incentives?

Expanding on the last question, in a post a few weeks ago about Microsoft Israel’s efforts, some of the benefits I listed of implementing such programs included: additional exposure, new products and a large pool of potential future employees. Of course, there’s also the cost-efficiency advantage. It seems now would be the perfect time for Google Israel to implement its own program. 

What do you think?

Project Better Place, telecommunications and speculation about the current state and future of Israel’s hi-tech industry highlight the technology news related to Israel during the week of July 20, 2008. Both the UK and some fuel companies are mulling joining the electric car company, while telecom company, Amimon announced that it will be working with major electronics corporations to establish a WHDI standard for Wireless HDTV connections. Although, news about Israel’s hi-tech industry’s “brain drain,” isn’t new, news about the impact of the strength of the Israeli Shekel vs. the U.S. dollar, the latest crisis are. Companies that created R&D centers in Israel for the benefits of an educated work force that would require less money than their U.S. and Western European equivalents are now freezing their Israeli employees’ incomes and outsourcing to Eastern European countries where it is still cheaper. For more on these stories and the rest of this week’s 23 Israel-related technology headlines, check the list below.

Fuel cos may join Better Place

UK may join Project Better Place

M&A and Investments
New VC fund seeks TV, movie investments

Breach Security raises $6m

Road safety technology co GreenRoad raises $3m

Agro-biotech start-up Kiima raises $8m

Summary of Israeli High-Tech Company Capital Raising Q2 / H1 2008

Information Technology
Upgrades its Business Intelligence Software With a New Release to
Support Analysis and Charting on top of CSV, EXCEL 2007, Access 2007
FILES; Beta Available for Free

Company Uncovered: Commtouch

Reimagining computer repair

Internet/Web 2.0
Google as a start-up?

PredictAd Leverages Israeli Partnerships for Global Growth (Israel Media Tour)

American-Israel Chamber of Commerce Announces First U.S.-Israel Web 2.0 Business Exchange: “Empowering the Connected Enterprise”

Cellcom markets mobile music

Israeli co to launch cellphone-based people finder

Mobixell pioneers technology for cellphone ads

modu selected by AlwaysOn as the Top Mobile Company of AO Global 250

Electronics Heavyweights Work Together on WHDI Technology

Next-Gen Cellphones To Have Israeli Ring

Venture IPO drought worst in 30 years

Israel Turns to Outsourcing as the Shekel Soars

Israel neglects its oil fields

Infrastructures Ministry to launch alternative energy center

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