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Tweet During the past week, announced that it was acquired by Summit Partners for $127 million in cash and will be going private. Israel’s Cabinet approved an emergency plan to increase desalinated water production and Geekmedia revealed the creation of an Israeli startup incubation business modeled after Y Combinator. For these stories and more, […]

Tweet In the first post of this series, I wrote about The Israel Conference which took place in LA last week and how its purpose was “to showcase Israeli excellence in technology and products and to expand business and investment opportunities between Israel and California.” The conference had more than $20 billion in capital represented […]

Tweet Earlier today Deloitte Israel announced the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Israel based on percentage revenue growth over a five-year period. The 10 fastest growing companies overall were Pontis, Tufin Technologies, Kontera, Telmap, Safend, Algosec, Promisec, Imperva, cVidya, and SuperDimension. Pontis, a telecom company that provides contextual marketing and selling, had a revenue […]

Tweet When launched in the spring semester of my freshman year of college it immediately became all the rage on campus. It was a new way for us to keep in touch with friends from class, the dorms and various clubs and was great for organizing groups and sending messages related to classwork. It […]

Tweet Yesterday Jeff Pulver’s second Tel Aviv 140conf took place. Conference speakers (“characters”) discussed how they’re using social media in real-time for different things from fashion and food to promoting Israel abroad. Speakers included Kfir Pravda, Yosi Taguri, Yoni Bloch and CEO Bob Rosenschein. Special thanks to Niv Calderon and Roniet Berci who took […]

Tweet Itzik Cohen, Founder and CEO of ClipSync speaking at The Israel Conference in 2009. Image courtesy of The Israel Conference. Yossi Vardi was recently interviewed about the upcoming second annual Israel Conference in LA that he is co-chairing. The conference will include speakers from Israeli companies in the cleantech, enterprise and mobile sectors among […]

Tweet Nine months ago there was talk and speculation that Israel’s Web sector was done and not likely to recover. Mainly expressed by TechCrunch editor-at-large Sarah Lacy after her visit to Israel in March, at the time she wrote about her disappointment with Israeli Web startups except for MyHeritage and a few others. Her piece […]

Tweet During the week of June 7, 2009, research showed that the recession has impacted VC plans, which was long suspected and that cleantech investments faired the best of the different sectors. It was revealed that Intel’s recent acquisition of Wind River Systems includes an R&D center in Israel while the investment and Israeli startup […]

Tweet Despite the economic downturn, Israel’s startup scene is as strong and vibrant as ever. Just as the innovation hasn’t stopped, neither has the need for outside funding to develop these exciting technologies. Several conferences and forums have been organized in the past few weeks to maximize the access of Israeli startups to the funding […]