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During the past week, Israeli telecom Intucell announced it raised $6 million for its technology that will enable wireless carrier networks to work more efficiently amid the growing mobile data demand. Cellogic’s FlyScreen made its iPhone debut and President Shimon Peres and several high-tech CEOs unveiled a new plan for increasing the amount of Israeli Arabs working in high tech. Check below for these stories and the rest of this week’s headlines.

1. SolarEdge Technologies Wins the Red Herring Global 100 Award 2010
“SolarEdge Technologies, an innovative provider of distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring solutions, today announced that it has received the Red Herring Global 100 award. The honor recognizes the leading private companies from North America, Europe, and Asia, celebrating their innovations and technologies across their respective industries…”

2. How Israel Will Lead The Search For Oil Substitutes (And How The Rest Of The World Is Watching
“Long considered leaders of R&D and Clean Technology, particularly in the fields of water desalination and solar energy technology, Israel has now set firm sights on leading the shift away from oil dependence. Between now and 2020, the tiny country intends to spend NIS 14 billion (US $ 3.82 billion) to help innovators and researchers test viable alternatives to oil. And while often slow to implement their own technology, cooperation with Europe may change that…”

3. Intucell Raises $6M Amid Telco Transformation
“Intucell, an Israeli startup, has raised $6 million in a Series A round led by Bessemer Ventures. The company, which was founded in 2008, is one of several helping transform telecommunications networks to handle a wider array of base stations and methods of connecting back to the web…”

4. Venture Geeks Launches New Startup Accelerator Program in Tel Aviv
“GeekMedia, the company behind the Israeli blog NewsGeek (Hebrew) has launched VentureGeeks, a new incubator program in Israel, which will provide seed funding and mentorship to Israeli startups. The Tel-Aviv based incubator is meant to serve as an accelerator program for startups, following the model of US based Y Combinator. Startups which are admitted to the program will receive up to $20,000 in pre-seed funding, office space, administrative services and advice from a group of mentors. The cost for startups is 10% of their equity…”

5. TrendIT cellular demographics analysis start-up raises $3 million
“TrendIT, a cellular demographics analysis start-up founded in 2008 by Dr. Erez Weinroth, has raised $3 million from Avi Shaked, owner of the 888 online gaming company, the Israel Venture Capital Research Center (IVC) reports…”

Information Technology
6. VisualBee 2.0 Powerpoint Presentation Enhancer Marches On
“VisualBee is a presentation enhancement tool that interfaces with the PowerPoint’s GUI in the form of an additional functionality layer. It allows users to dramatically enhance the look, and feel of any PowerPoint presentation with just a click of the button…”

7. FlyScreen lands on iPhone but not as we know it
“FlyScreen, the lock screen replacement for Android and Symbian phones from Israeli startup Cellogic, has landed on the iPhone. But not as we know it…”

8. Peres, high-tech leaders to launch Israeli Arab jobs project
“President Shimon Peres and 20 high-tech CEOs will hold a press conference at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel on Wednesday, February 9, where they will announce the first project of its kind in Israel for employing Israeli Arabs in high tech. The project will include a website where Israeli-Arab students can send their CVs to high-tech companies –…”

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