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This past week Intel announced that it will be investing $2.7 billion into its plant in southern Israel and will be hiring 1,000 new employees this year. Construction began on Israel’s largest desalination plant and Ernst & Young acquired cyber security startup Hacktics Ltd. For these stories and more, see the headlines below.

1. SDL building Israel’s largest desalination plant
“SDL Desalination Ltd said on Sunday it began construction of the world’s largest reverse osmosis desalination plant, hoping to alleviate Israel’s water shortage.”

2. The Aquatic Solar Farm
“Solar power may be clean and green and very efficient in terms of space requirements when it comes to rooftop solar energy systems; but major solar farms require large tracts of land. Addressing this issue is Israel-based Solaris Synergy’s Floating Concentrating Photovoltaic (F-CPV) system.”

3. Ernst & Young acquires Israeli cyber security specialist
“Ernst & Young announced that Kost, Forer, Gabbay & Kassierer, the organization’s member firm in Israel, has acquired the professional services arm of Hacktics Ltd., an Israel-based organization that provides a groundbreaking approach to identifying and addressing cyber offenses.”

4. Intel readies $2.7 billion Israel investment
“Intel is to invest $2.7 billion in Israel to upgrade its chip plant over the next two years, marking another investment by the chip giant in strategic locations around the world.”

5. Start-up funding grew in 2010
“The concerns for Israel’s high tech start-ups may have been overdone. In a slow year of 2010, 391 Israeli high-tech companies raised $1.26 billion from local and foreign venture investors, reports Israel Venture Capital Research Center (IVC) in its quarterly survey, in cooperation with KPMG Somekh Chaikin Israel.”

Information Technology
6. EMS, CTI and NETCOM to Launch Micro-Modular Data Centers in Israel
“Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS) today announced it will launch its Micro-Modular Data Centers™ in Israel together with Channel Partner Computech International (CTI) and communications integrator NETCOM.”

7. ActivePath Brings Smart Online Banking To Email
“As far as new technologies are concerned, Banks are known to be notoriously slow to adopt them. It has been said that for a financial technology startup to succeed it most have some kind of disruptive technology, but not too disruptive. ActivePath, is one such company, having patented a 2Way Email Banking System, that seems to offer this oft sought balance.”

8. Preventing another Wikileaks
“Companies and government agencies anxious to better protect sensitive documents are eager to try the SmartCipher system developed by Israeli startup Covertix.”

9. Seeking great tech ideas? Check the garage
“Pot-luck dinners and guest appearances by the world’s top techies characterize GarageGeeks, an informal but influential Israeli ‘high-tech incubator.'”

10. Chinese academics here to learn about Israeli innovation
“China can benefit greatly by following the Israeli model of innovation, a noted visiting Chinese academic told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.”

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