During the week of November 8, 2009, Motorola made its first Israeli acquisition by buying Bitband. Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) invested in XtremIO and Navajo Systems and went live with its facial-recognition tagger on Facebook. For these stories and the rest of this week’s 11 headlines, check below.

1. Jewish Israelis and Jewish Americans Look to US-Israel Cooperation To Break Oil Dependence

2. Deep sea aquaculture startup prepares for harvest

Investments and Economy
3. High-tech drives huge leap in exports

4. JVP and Giza Announce A-Round Investment in Early-Stage Startup XtremIO

5. Motorola in first Israeli acquisition: Bitband

Information Technology and Web 2.0
6. Facebook Facial-Recognition Tagger Goes Live

7. Windows 7 could hasten touch-screen computers (N-trig)

8. JVP Media Studio Invests Seed Round in Navajo Systems

9. Your cell phone can save you from a Dead Sea flash flood

10. The Twenty-Five Most Valuable Blogs In America

11. Israel’s lively start-up culture keeps economy thriving

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