During the week of June 28, 2009, news surfaced that Toyota is mulling investing in Israeli hi-tech companies that can help make its cars cleaner, while it seems that clean technology investments are increasing again. Indicating that virtualization is still a hot investment, Neebula, which develops management tools for virtual computer environments and was founded earlier this year, raised $5 million. In security, Israeli researchers have created a deep zoom application for videos making idenitifcation in them easier. For these stories and more, see this week’s 12 Israel-related headlines below.

1. Toyota considering Israeli high-tech investments

2. No More Crying Over Spilt Milk With AfiMilk

3. Israeli researchers desalinating sewage for agricultural use

4. Clean Technology Investment Rebounds

5. Why Israeli Stocks and Currency Should Outperform Now

Information Technology
6. Israeli Experts Create Deep Zoom Tool for Videos

7. Touch in Windows 7: Just for show?

8. Cyber-security looms large for ATC

9. Virtualization co Neebula raises $5 million

10. Young Jewish leaders gather for global summit

11. Netanya aims to be Middle East’s Ibiza

12. LIFE in Israel in 1948 – Part 1

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