During the week of June 21, 2009, Microsoft confirmed acquiring the motion sensing technology company, 3DV and its connection to Project Natal. Ad optimization platform, TodaCell raised $1 million and networking and business continued at TheMarker conference in New York. For these stories and more, check out this week’s 11 Israel-related headlines below.

1. Renault’s EV Features A Swappable Battery

2. Water, Water, Everywhere. And Not a Drop to Drink?? Part I

3. Converting Air into Water In Israel

4. Where Tel Aviv meets New York / Schmoozing business at TheMarker conference

5. Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Information Technology
6. Exclusive: TodaCell Raises $1 Million for Mobile Ad Optimization Platform (Interview with CEO Moshe Vaknin)

7. Conduit’s Browser Toolbars Serve Up Web Sites To Go

8. Magic Delivers Stronger .NET Client with uniPaaS 1.8

9. Microsoft confirms 3DV acquisition, Project Natal connection

10. StePac introduces degradable packaging

11. British teens get a taste of Orthodox Israeli life on reality TV

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