During the week of June 7, 2009, research showed that the recession has impacted VC plans, which was long suspected and that cleantech investments faired the best of the different sectors. It was revealed that Intel’s recent acquisition of Wind River Systems includes an R&D center in Israel while the investment and Israeli startup series on Israel Innovation 2.0 continued with a closer look at For these stories and more, check below for this week’s 10 Israel-related headlines.

1. Giving New Meaning to ‘Electric Avenue’

2. Flower Power: World’s First Hybrid Solar-Gas Turbine Turning on Soon

3. Deloitte survey shows recession hit on VC plans

4. All that glitters / Nothing ventured, nothing lost

5. Israeli startups during the economic crisis:

Information Technology
6. Intel acquisition has Israel center

7. Peer39 Digs Deep With Semantics

8. The ‘Final’ Frontier of Algorithmic Trading

9. Nike to Introduce Shoe Recycling Program in Israel

10. Madonna announces second concert in Israel this summer

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